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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Items Coming Soon!!

The Crafty Senoritas has been neglected to say the least..... But we are trying to get back on track, promise. For now we are closing up shop to prepare for a relaunch with new items for spring. So for now enjoy your spring breaks because we definitely are.

See you all soon!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall Giveaway!!

I love scarf season!!

Enter our Fall Giveaway for a chance to win any scarf from us, Crafty Senoritas!! Yes that's right ANY scarf. Any of our infinity scarves, kids and adult sizes, and even our new girly ruffle scarves! Don't see a color you like? Let us know when you win and we will create one just for you!!

Hurry! You won't want to miss this!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

mini Birthday Hat Clips Update!!

Jeez, things have been busy over here at the Crafty Senoritas. Projects galore trying to be completed, our etsy shop has had a major overhaul of new items added. So many fun things!! Well I posted about my mini Birthday Hat Clips a while ago and thought I should do a little update. Few people were wondering if I still make them since it's been a while since the post. Well.... Yes I do! I love these adorable little hats. Such a fun accessory for a special day. You can purchase them thru our etsy shop or right here from our blog, just send us a note at craftysenoritas@gmail.com. 

For fun I thought I would share some of the darling clips that have been made!!

Most of you will recognize this clip! It was the one that started it all. My daughter's first birthday.

Yup, that's my daughter.
Vintage Ballerina
Purple Princess
Vintage Lace
 Leopard Minnie Mouse
 Frilly Pink
 Lady Bug
Bumble Bee
 Cupcake Sprinkles
This is the clip I made for my daughter's second birthday, to match her dress I also made her. Such a sassy lil girl still. But oh so cute!!

Seriously aren't these clips the cutest?!! I just love them and I'm so excited to make one for my little girl every year until she decides she's too old. 

So start planning, if your like me you already have, ha ha. Find that perfect outfit (or make one) and order your mini birthday hat clip today!!

Custom Clip $10
Shipping $5.50

**shipping is priority 2-3 business days**

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kitchen Sneek Peek

So I have been working on my kitchen for a while now. It's been a slooooow process. We don't have enough money to do all the things that we really want like, tile backsplash, granite counters, new cabinets, new appliances. I finally had enough of my boring kitchen. So I started thinking of ways to make it different without hardly any expense. We have oak cabinets which are fairly new. They are beautiful but I'm pretty sick of oak. It's just never been my style. After looking at different ways to update original cabinets I decided the best choice for us was to stain them. I found some awesome tutorials on a stain called General Finishes. Amazing stuff!! I'll share links and pictures once they are done. Something I finished recently was the 'backsplash.' Now tile isn't super expensive, but it was still money we don't have. I did however have paint and thought a stencil would be cheap. So thats what I did. I stenciled a backsplash. It's not perfect and I would totally prefer tile but it looks pretty cool. If you want a super cheap way to update your kitchen try a stencil backsplash. 
Damage to my wallet: 5$
Can't beat that. The stencil was the only thing I bought specific for this project. and I just used paint I already had on hand. 

More sneek peeks to come as I complete my cheap kitchen update.
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