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Monday, April 22, 2013

Easter Chicks

Ok. So I know its not Easter anymore, but we got chicks this year for Easter and I just love having them. They have been very fun and not so fun at the same time. I have been wanting chickens for sooooooo long. I know I'm weird. See I'm a cat person..... I know right? And my husband is a cat hater. So my dream of having a kitty was brutally squashed when we got married. So for a while I was thinking I wanted a dog. But my husband is not much of a animal person, so our ideas of how it should be taken care of and other things was a battle as well. Soon I simply gave up my fight of wanting animals, mostly because I figured I would be a rude wife and just go get the animal of my choice when we were settled in life and I was ready to take care of an animal. Having kids and the older I get the less and less I wanted a dog. I still want a cat but shhh don't tell my husband. When it was time for us to buy our first home I learned that my husband is not so much and animal hater he just wants land and space for them. Since it was our first home and I knew it would be a while before we would be able to afford that kind of space I started looking into chickens. I've wanted them but thought my hubby would think I was weird. haha. But turns out that was an animal he didn't mind getting now. After a ton of research and asking neighbors and family about chickens. We decided it was time, and we headed to our local feed barn to pick some up. I was going to order some from an online hatchery but decided I wasn't that picky and it was easier to just go to the feed barn. They had three kinds, Araucanas, Rhode Island Reds and Welsummers. Araucanas lay blue-green eggs, RIR lay brown eggs and Welsummers lay dark brown eggs. We got one of each and 2 RIR's. 

Aren't they just the cutest little fluff balls? Black one is the Araucana, yellow with the brown strip is the Welsummer, and the other two are the RIR's. 
My sister knew we wanted chicks and was at a company party where they were giving them away for free. What she didn't know was that same day we were picking up our own chicks. She decided to keep them and since they live in an apartment they will live at our house until they get a bigger place. She doesn't know what kind they are but they are a funny little group.

 This is Minnie.
My daughter named this one after Minnie Mouse. (she loves Disney)
 This one is Ontruck.
My son named this one. Don't ask where he came up with that name.
 This is Copper.
And this is Penny.

 My sister named hers...
Brown one Rolo
Black one Fritter
and Yellow one Custard.

We have 7 chickens at our house now.

They have grown so much and are starting to enter their ugly stage, but their fun personalities are starting to come out too. We have been working on their coop taking it a little at a time. It will hopefully be done soon cause I'm want my garage back. The nights are starting to be warm enough for them to stay out at night!! Wahoo. No more chicken poo garage. 

So if you are thinking about getting some chickens make sure you do your research before hand. Chickens are not for everyone. They are a lot of work in the beginning stages and messy. But as they grow older and you move them to a coop. They become a lot less work AND they will give you beautifully delicious eggs! They help with compost too. My husband is super excited about doing compost for our garden. I love pets that give back. 

Here are some great links to help you get started.

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