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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!

We don't really make a big deal of Valentine's Day at our house. We do, however, have a tradition that we have accidentally formed. We are big breakfast eaters at our house. Not much cereal gets eaten over here and we are almost always together as a family for it to. So I have lots of breakfast recipes that I'm always trying. Usually for the holidays I like to find something that fits for breakfast. Last year I made heart shaped pancakes for Valentine's and we had pink eggs and strawberry milk. I found a recipe a while ago for red velvet pancakes. They were delicious!! So this year for Valentine's breakfast I made


They were just has good has I remembered. I did my hearts by hand so they were a little wonky looking but oh so good. I also tried out a new recipe for syrup.


oh my goodness it was the perfect syrup for these pancakes. It gave it just the right touch. I've had them with maple and buttermilk syrup but the coconut was by far the best. I think the coconut would be wonderful on banana pancakes as well. Who am I kidding? It would be good on anything. So yummy.

So Happy Valentine's ya'll!! Enjoy your recipes.

(I didn't make these recipes, I found them on the web. Click on the names and it will take you to the link to the talented people who did create these recipes. Also check out the rest of there blogs they are pretty awesome!)

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