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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Homemaking Guide Project

So I have been trying to find a cleaning schedule that works well for me. I have the hardest time staying on top of my home management. I stumbled across this amazing site the other day. She has this binder called 'The Home Management Guide' and I absolutely love it. She says that she is the manager of their home and that this guide helps her keep her home 'managed.' Everything is broken down into sections. I won't be using all the sections in it, and some of my sections will be used differently, but I absolutely need to give this awesome lady credit. I already have an organized binder for my meal planning and recipes and it works great for me and helps aid me in my meal planning. So why I didn't think of a HM binder sooner is beyond me. It has great lists and ideas. I've incorporated chore charts into my children's schedules and they have been successful. I've just haven't found something that worked for me. I'm so excited about doing this binder. I'm so glad that she created this and shared it. She encourages us not to do it ALL in one sitting. And so I'm going to take her advice. I will create one section at a time and share with you what I have come up with. Also, just because this works for me doesn't mean it will work for everyone. Her HMG and mine will be different because we are different people and we have different homes. Find something that works for you. Try different things and if it doesn't work out try something different. Find out what works with your personality and home. Again this was not my idea, I'm am just sharing what my HMG contains. The 'original' creator can be found here. Also check out the rest of her site for more great ideas on budgeting, organization and more. I don't consider myself a 'manager' so to accommodate myself and my personality I will call my guide the 'Homemaking Guide.' I hope you guys can gain some inspiration from this project. Make sure you check out Heather's site, since she is the 'original' creator of this guide, for some more awesome ideas on how to manage your home.

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