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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Little Girl Dress Slip

So I have been looking for a little girl dress slip tutorial for like forever. I didn't have much luck. Not that many people where slips anymore I guess. But here's the thing I had sewing ruffles. They take forever. Recently I learned that you can buy a ruffler foot. But those are pretty pricey. I did some research and found out how to make a ruffle without one and I thought I would share.

First make your stitch length as long as you can
Then make the thread tension as high as it goes
Guide your fabric with one hand
Then rest your other hand on the top of your machine where the thread starts to go in
Be sure not to hold too tight, just a little pressure with your hand
Then as you sew, your fabric will start to gather
Perfectly gathered and I didn't even have to pull any strings
You might have to adjust the gathers a bit to fit correctly
To Make the slip 
I cut the bottom of a onesie off
Measure the the width of the onesie all the way around and double it for the length of the first ruffle
Then for the second ruffle double the length of the first ruffle
I just used cotton fabric and it does quite poof right So I added a ruffled tulle edge on the bottom to give it a bit more poof to it. 
To gather the tulle I sewed down the center of it using the sam technique
Ta Dah!
Perfect slip for under your little girls dresses to give them that little extra umpf!

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