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Monday, July 23, 2012

Homemaking Guide//Part One: Schedules-Cleaning

So Heather's first section she has in her HMG in her bible study section. I study the scriptures as well but I have a separate journal for that. So I will skip that section. The second section in her HMG is Work Schedules. She breaks it down into Daily Tasks, Weekly Work Schedules, A Breakdown of her daily Schedule for the School Year and the Summer. I will be putting my Cleaning Schedule, Weekly Schedule, and my Kids Daily Schedule in this section. These Schedules will change every now and then but if I have a copy of it, when it does need a change I won't have to start from scratch again. These schedules take a long time to complete. For mine I did a lot of research of what other people do and customized them to my needs. A lot of people do laundry once a day. I used to do it once a week because I hated the idea of laundry EVERY DAY. And that worked out fine when I only had one kid. But now that our family is growing if I only did laundry once a week it would get over whelming and literally take the whole day to wash/dry/fold/put away my laundry. So I tried switching to one type of laundry a day and that as been so much easier. Then I scoured pinterest and found some other cool ideas. Like this one that had a 'swing' day for working in the monthly tasks. And this one that broke up the weekly cleaning. This works great for me. I'm not very fast at cleaning and so I was trying to have Saturday be my day for the weekly chores, but something always seemed to be going on. So I would only get about half way done. So now each day something gets done and I don't have to worry about it till the next week. So After all my research and knowing myself I have finally compiled a daily cleaning schedule for myself. My daily chores seem like a lot but they are simple and fast. I don't spend a lot of time doing all of them.
Morning Chores-
make bed, wipe down bathroom counters, empty dishwasher, load of laundry, get mail, chore of the day
Nightly Chores-
load dishwasher, wipe down kitchen counters, take out trash, quick sweep/vacuum, spot clean floor, de-clutter living areas
I try to do this everyday. These aren't deep cleaning chores. Just things to keep the house tidy.
Weekly Chores//Chore of the Day-
I dust and vacuum the whole house. Again I don't do a deep clean I just do a quick dust and vacuum in each room to all the surface areas. I don't move the furniture, I just quickly go around each room.
I clean all the mirrors and windows. I even clean the one's I have up for decorations. This one is easy because I don't have a lot of mirrors. And for the windows I only clean the inside not the outside. I leave that for my Saturday yard work.
This is the day I give the bathrooms a good cleaning. I clean the showers, tubs, toilets and sinks. I only have two bathrooms and they are small so this goes pretty fast as well. Don't forget to clean the bottom of the toilet and the wall behind it (especially if you have little boys)
This is when I mop all the floors. I love doing this before the weekend because then my floors are all clean for company on the weekends. I have a ton of tile so this usually takes me a bit longer. Don't forget to seal your grout every couple years to keep it from looking grungy. I found an amazing recipe for cleaning grout here.
This is my 'swing' day. This is when I DEEP cleaning things. My monthly cleaning is broken up throughout the month so that I don't have to worry about one big monthly cleaning day. And I don't have to spend the entire day doing it. This is when I move furniture and vacuum underneath, clean my appliances, baseboards, doors and walls. These tasks take a little extra time but I have noticed that I'm getting faster at it because things are staying cleaner during the week.
This is when I do all my outside chores like, wash the outside of the windows, clean off the patio, pull weeds, clean up garage and shed, check the sprinklers for any problems. The kids love playing outside and get to help with some of the stuff too.
Sunday is my day of rest

My laundry is broken up into days as well. Monday thru Wednesday is when I do mine and my husbands laundry. Thursday and Friday are the kids laundry days. Saturday is when I wash all my towels and bedding that needs to be cleaned.

I created a layout on my computer and found a frame in my stock pile and found some cute scrapbook paper in my other stock pile. I hung it up in the hall with the kids chore charts. As I do each chore I mark it off with a dry erase marker. I didn't want the kids to have glass frames so I used sheet protectors and a clip board. They love getting to mark off the chores they complete. If you would like to make some of your own I found a cute free template here on pinterest. I love my new chore boards because they help keep all of us motivated to keep the house clean. I'll eventually make the wall cuter and decorate it better, but for now it is functional and being used and that's all that matters.

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